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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Old Otalgia

Compassion’s earache
sits on the tattered couch
worn thin by visitors
who came to get
and seldom returned to give.

Compassion’s earache
sips Pepto-Bismol
straight from the bottle,
waiting for someone
to take her out
for a real drink,
or at least make
her some chamomile,
pop in a DVD,
and rub her feet
once in a while.

Compassion’s earache
has thick-skinned,
broad shoulders
even when we are
too blind to see them droop,
too thin-skinned to care,
and too deaf to hear her
when she calls for us to listen too.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unsung Rain

I held you in my hands,
cupped you to my face,
drenched myself in your flood,
and hid tears in your presence
                        as a secret we shared.

Your music put me to sleep
and drowned the echo of sorrows
in long nights you rocked me,
showering drops against the pane
—were you begging to be let in?

When you stayed until the morning
washing and making things new,
I’d wake and sing my insensitive song,
frowning, I’d begin…
“Rain, rain go away…"

Even then you would sigh,
contentedly, from heaven;
peering sheepishly from behind clouds
as I wiped the sugars off my mouth
from the fruits that were your labor.

Never did you seek applause of me,
always willing to play sidekick, straight man, to our comedic sun
while I laughed among flowered mornings
that without you
                        would never have been quite so sweet.

Copyright 2012 Jennifer Wagner