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Friday, June 14, 2024

Where Had We Been All Our Lives


Photo © 2024 Jennifer Wagner


Before the key did its magic,


it was like

we were only breathing,


nothing more.





inside a dream.


Blank space


until the kiss

of home


opened the door.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner



The Word Garden Word List


I was also inspired by dVerse:  Poetry in Liminal Spaces, but I’m too late for the link.


Photo:  a wall someplace in Arizona.


Tuesday, April 2, 2024


Photo © 2024 Jennifer Wagner


It was obvious

why she’d chosen the Marietta Diner,

in retrospect.


Spacecraft-esque and in Georgia.


She spilled a Coke

meant for someone else’s table

when she placed

a Cobb salad in front of me,


shaken by a few Russians discussing

the cosmonauts in a cloud of smoke nearby.


That’s when we’d recognized her

from a grainy photograph on the History Channel.

And of course, she’d had a different name.


Soon after, she’d been replaced

and we were told she’d taken ill.


But as we walked toward our Chevy,

there she was

crouching down behind it,

bumming a ride.


If someone is brave enough

to wear a red leather jumpsuit

and they ask for your help,

you know they need it.


So, we dropped her “anywhere,”

as requested.

She blew us a kiss,

and one toward the east,


then strode high, helmet in hand,

toward Narikala

and, we hoped, 




© 2024 Jennifer Wagner


For Shay’s Word Garden Word List


Since I recently returned from a trip to Georgia (state not country) and watched (tripped-out over) Season 1 of Constellation, this is what the muse gave.


National Poetry Month: Day 2