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Tuesday, April 2, 2024


Photo © 2024 Jennifer Wagner


It was obvious

why she’d chosen the Marietta Diner,

in retrospect.


Spacecraft-esque and in Georgia.


She spilled a Coke

meant for someone else’s table

when she placed

a Cobb salad in front of me,


shaken by a few Russians discussing

the cosmonauts in a cloud of smoke nearby.


That’s when we’d recognized her

from a grainy photograph on the History Channel.

And of course, she’d had a different name.


Soon after, she’d been replaced

and we were told she’d taken ill.


But as we walked toward our Chevy,

there she was

crouching down behind it,

bumming a ride.


If someone is brave enough

to wear a red leather jumpsuit

and they ask for your help,

you know they need it.


So, we dropped her “anywhere,”

as requested.

She blew us a kiss,

and one toward the east,


then strode high, helmet in hand,

toward Narikala

and, we hoped, 




© 2024 Jennifer Wagner


For Shay’s Word Garden Word List


Since I recently returned from a trip to Georgia (state not country) and watched (tripped-out over) Season 1 of Constellation, this is what the muse gave.


National Poetry Month: Day 2


Saturday, January 27, 2024

The Dust Comes Out Like Stars

(Scratching Out This New Arizona Life)


In the air,

the scent of mesquite trees

and fry bread.


By the side of the road,

a dark head bobbing

above a collection

of turquoise and silver rings.


On my skin,

a touch of needling sun

like fresh stitching on a wound

too long held open.


Jesus healed with spit and dust.


A vermilion flycatcher,

like blood confetti

dripping from branch,

to branch,

to branch—


let’s me get closer

each time he sees us,


my hands full of mud.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner