Friday, June 14, 2024

Where Had We Been All Our Lives


Photo © 2024 Jennifer Wagner


Before the key did its magic,


it was like

we were only breathing,


nothing more.





inside a dream.


Blank space


until the kiss

of home


opened the door.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner



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I was also inspired by dVerse:  Poetry in Liminal Spaces, but I’m too late for the link.


Photo:  a wall someplace in Arizona.



  1. This poem drifts into my consciousness like the lightest of feathers with the holiest of touches, love. That space before one awakens to "home" is so well described as "two dimensional sleeping." As always, a pleasure to read, Jen. (ps. Just added your link to Mr. Linky. He's not averse to stragglers! Thanks for joining in.)

  2. Without true love we just exist, Alfie, or so says Dionne Warwick. I love the connection between the image at the top and your opening line. As someone who has to really discipline herself to write something gentle and understated, I admire that you have a natural talent for it, Jen, and that's just one of the reasons I love reading what you write. This is lovely.

  3. PS--look at that, you've had a visit from Queen Cool Dora and ragamuffin me, you're living large! :-P

    1. Bah..."ragamuffin" pffft! Queen of Soul Poetry and Queen Cool Dora visit me here and I am certainly livin' large! :-D

  4. So quietly beautiful. Wonderful writing.

  5. When we find home, be it person, or building, it is a treasure of priceless peace.

  6. This is really a lovely poem, Jennifer.

  7. Finding home is contentment and peace. Lovely poem!


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