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Friday, June 23, 2023

Man Up


A dead bird

at five o’clock in the morning

on Father’s Day

lies in the grass

like a turned-up weed.


Bulletproof coffee

in one hand,

a lighter in another

to ward off tiny mosquitos

with a flick to the citronella candles,

I squint toward

the dead lump.


Man down!

cries a brother

while another lands close by

and flies off without a sound.


The air is already warm

and the sky is dusk in reverse.

Was it just his time

to go or was he just tired of it all?


A too-quick dog

wraps drooling jaws

around the carcass

before my son

gets to it with a garbage bag.


So, this is it.  Dogs and garbage bags

mark The End.


I go inside to make breakfast

for a man who has made me laugh

for 25 years

and became a father the first day he

said I do to us.


Man, up.


© 2023 Jennifer Wagner