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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

My Orange Tree


The image of my son, sunning, eyes closed,

stretched out on a lounge chair,

orange peel piled up on his chest,


mimosas in crystal, fresh-squeezed in a cup,

sweet slices with buttered bread for lunch,


with bright mini globes

smiling from the green dark

and white petal fragrance

bolder than whispering


the names of things we love.



© 2023 Jennifer Wagner


dVerse: What colour is hope?

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

(Hiking) Arizona


Photo © 2023 Jennifer Wagner

My second favorite color

is explosive

and luscious.


I don’t know if I like

the dirt it leaves

on my shoes.

I’m torn.


It means I’ve walked

through it

and lived to tell


but the chili powder heat

is a hell

all its own.


Hesperidium marmalade,

sandstone, cider, spice

against a spotty blue leopard sky.




My palms turn sepia from the reach,

and though the beauty is a beast,


I know it was always meant

to be a part of me,


like a blazing sun,

like love,



my skin sings

even while it burns.



© 2023 Jennifer Wagner


Photo © 2023 Jennifer Wagner