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Monday, June 17, 2024

Surface Roots, Falling Leaves

Photo © 2024 Jennifer Wagner



The arms and hands

of my grandfathers, grandmothers—


the gnarled roots—

my history


a map on the earth

I step over


so as not to disturb them, leave them

as they are, unmarred by my boots.


I’ve tried to clear them

so widely,


intending to be unencumbered

by what held them, too.


In my youth

I believed it could be so.


But now

I have walked a mile or two,


or how ever many thousands,

and my feet ache


with the heaviness

of trying.


The tripping, the falling,

the climbing back up.


But these I’ve been given

have led me to see,


and to sit basking

in the whispering of paper-thin leaves


teaching me how

to speak gently to myself


of forgiveness,

even more now my own necessity.


Because I am what I am

made of,


and my own stories

will fall, I hope,


like a gentle covering

for those who walk after me.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner


dVerse oln

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


to forgive you
i had to go back,
bitterness falling like leaves

picking up stones,
gathering them
by the basketful—

my skin, arms, and back
riven and bloodied
with the buckling load

i’d intended to throw
with my calloused
and burning hands

but the sun on the leaves
that day in october
was so glorious,

and i felt so rich,
knew i was so rich, that
i laid the basket down

at your feet and
stretched out
my arms

bitterness falling, gently,
like leaves

© 2019 jennifer wagner