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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Old Otalgia

Compassion’s earache
sits on the tattered couch
worn thin by visitors
who came to get
and seldom returned to give.

Compassion’s earache
sips Pepto-Bismol
straight from the bottle,
waiting for someone
to take her out
for a real drink,
or at least make
her some chamomile,
pop in a DVD,
and rub her feet
once in a while.

Compassion’s earache
has thick-skinned,
broad shoulders
even when we are
too blind to see them droop,
too thin-skinned to care,
and too deaf to hear her
when she calls for us to listen too.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

I’m back from a little blog-sabbatical and it’s OpenLinkNight at dVerse!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Full Circle from the High Road

You asked me how I felt,
after the year gone shipwreck
in the land of the malignant albatross,
and I could never answer you completely—
my chest too constricted, my voice,
mutilated and rasping in the wind.

You asked me how I felt,
and I have found words now,
though I have only wings for yesterday
fitted to fly in a sky I no longer believe in.

You asked me how I felt,
but I will hold my tongue
and watch patiently from my perch
the crow you will have to eat
nesting among wolfsbane and water hemlock,
while I am gaining strength to dip my feathers
and soar above the vultured horizon.

You asked me how I felt
and soon you’ll know
how it feels.

© 2013 Jennifer Wagner

For dVerse where Victoria has us writing anaphora poetry.

*wolfsbane and water hemlock are highly toxic plants.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012



White sails calmly sifting through a cerulean sea
A storm is coming, though powder blue skies are mum
Edging out the tranquil scene, comes a darkness

Passengers sleepy, lulled by the gentle breeze and even gentler wave
A storm is coming, its breath caught while attempting to speak
And the warming sun coaxes dreamers into respite

Unsteady hold or certainty begins the test
A storm is coming, preparers beware
Holding the light may be all you can do

Copyright 2012 Jennifer Wagner 
Shared with Poets United Poetry Pantry