Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In Bed Together, Alone (Into Me See)

There was always a little booze
to get the tongue loose,

and sex
to bridge the bodily gap.

But once all the highballs
were emptied,

and they cracked the night
with a breath of sunlight,

bare skin prickled
against the the hollow-boned touch

of dying whispers
too hoarse to rise above

what they never said.

© 2013 Jennifer Wagner

“Partners in a relationship can begin to lose their romantic and sexual passion for each other when they begin showing less and less of their true feelings to each other. This lack of ongoing "into-me-see" can occur because of fear of how the other person will react, lingering resentment, or simply emotional laziness. Much like tending a garden, ongoing intimacy requires persistent effort, but in both cases the fruit that blooms as a result of such loving dedication is well worth the effort. It is quite possible for two people in a relationship to continue to grow as individuals who are capable of revealing ever-deeper aspects of themselves to their partner. In this way there are always new qualities of a person to be known and loved, which is the best insurance for maintaining sexual passion no matter how long the couple has been together.
The quality of your life is enhanced immeasurably by developing and maintaining relationships with people who you allow deeply into your heart, mind and soul. Remember that secrets and emotional isolation are the enemies of intimacy. The ability to be intimate with another person is like a muscle that becomes weak when it is under-exercised. Use it or lose it!” –Bill Herring LCSW, CSAT

"The opposite of loneliness, it's not togetherness. It is intimacy." -Richard Bach

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Her meditative muse
in the prattle of hens,
to make conversations
of import 
about the topics
they found consuming.

She tried to play
but the game
regarded her with suspicious eyes,
distrusted her
for the disinterest.

Copyright © 2013 Jennifer Wagner

I try, I try, I try!  I am getting better at small talk…though at times it is challenging to do so.  I am learning to lighten up a bit, the fate of the world not actually being in my hands and all…  I am also learning that I am not the only one to have this problem!  Apparently many introverts find gab for gab’s sake difficult as well.  Chatter saturation drains me, and although I want to connect with people, I’ll find myself checking out. *‘Introverts react more strongly to stimulus and therefore need much less of it or they rapidly become overstimulated.’  We like to savor the juicy bits; extroverts like to consume large quantities, so to speak.  If you think this might be you or someone you love I recommend Susan Cain’s book:  Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking, a really great book that helps in the understanding of some of the differences among us.

*quote from www.psychologies.co.uk/self/revenge-of-the-introverts.html  Additional good info there as well. 

www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/introversion  Fun quotes for those interested.

For the prompt by the very talented Kim Nelson at Poets United:  Voices.