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Wednesday, March 6, 2024



I saw it sitting on an old pickup tire,

a butterfly

with sugar on its wings,


as we were wading

through weeds

up to our waists,


brushing our hands

on dandelions

turning our palms yellow,


breathing in sunshine,

climbing an abandoned tractor

in the field


to play—

maybe all afternoon,

maybe all summer.


It was gone

when we headed back

to watch Grandma feed the pigs,


and the dogs

lounging in the dirt

by the porch,


and to dunk our bread

into broth,

and bite into dark juicy plums.


And later,

I thought I saw it

from the window,


on the barn door

near where I had pulled off my boots

to climb a tree


and saw it watching me,

a butterfly

with sugar on my wings.




© 2024 Jennifer Wagner



dVerse Poetics:  Young and Green

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Stretched out on the grass
looking up at the stars,
hands tucked behind their heads,
feet crossed at the ankles, bellies full--
fat for the sacrifice
of what lurks, stalks them
in the dark: werewolves, zombies, orcs . . .

While dragons skitter-fly by
on iridescent wings
they craft stories
from far away worlds
to see which of them
can scare the others most.

A fir wood fire crackles in the pit.
Marshmallow bits stick to their lips.

Can I have your room when you move out?”

Laughing, with brave faces,
their eyes in firelight reflect the wonder
of what it will be like to be the first to leave,
be the ones left behind.

A large spark darts skyward
splitting unspoken thoughts
and they turn back to stories of goblins, of ghosts,
on this warm night in brothertime,
shaking off the growing chill
of jitters a bit more real.

© 2015 Jennifer Wagner

For dVerse Poetics: Brothers/Brotherhood. Hope you come and join in the fun!