Monday, October 30, 2023

(Waking Up) from the Nightmare


A dozen plump oranges were hanging from the tree.

A dozen plump spiders had encircled each one

with a dozen white webs.


Kitty tried to bat one away

but it just crawled toward the couch

and back again.


You sprayed them with water

but the fruit couldn’t be saved.

Except by me waking up.


Which I did,

and killed them

the only way I know how.


© 2023 Jennifer Wagner




Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Hot Pink October


© 2023 Jennifer Wagner

It’s still a few weeks away from the yellow-gray of November.  And even further from here.  In the desert, the air has shifted to cooler—not 118, but now 80.  The heat is more of a hug than a grizzly’s maul.  The Valley of the Sun is not cool and dreary come autumn.  It’s a valley of a different color.  Kind color—sweet, perhaps.  And it feels more like the mountaintop.  After all, we survived summer. 



a wave of color

at summer’s finish line



© 2023 Jennifer Wagner



dVerse Haibun Monday: Fall foliage or Spring blossoms

(I’m posting too late for the link.)