Monday, October 2, 2023

A Lavish Goodbye

a lavish goodbye
Photo from the last October I spent in WA before moving to AZ

© Jennifer Wagner


She crumples herself

around my feet

and under my shoes.


Curls herself in smoke offerings

of cedar, birch

against the blue.


Wet tingles my skin.

Crisp, clear

she drapes me in the richest of hues.


Who am I, who am I

to enjoy such beautiful parting?



© 2023 Jennifer Wagner


  1. Beautiful. It almost makes me miss it…

  2. Dear Jennifer, this is a lovely poem. Sigh.........I wish Arizona hadn't been calling--it would have been wonderful to see you again. Alas, I will have to make do with your poems.

  3. I love fall. We have been having Indian summer here but tomorrow fall comes and I am so eager for it! I love the photograph with your poem!


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