Monday, October 30, 2023

(Waking Up) from the Nightmare


A dozen plump oranges were hanging from the tree.

A dozen plump spiders had encircled each one

with a dozen white webs.


Kitty tried to bat one away

but it just crawled toward the couch

and back again.


You sprayed them with water

but the fruit couldn’t be saved.

Except by me waking up.


Which I did,

and killed them

the only way I know how.


© 2023 Jennifer Wagner





  1. Makes my skin prickle! I think that tree must be really important to you :) and very clever with Dwight.

  2. Ay yi yi. I'll just have an apple, I guess. What a creepy nightmare! At least we can dispel them by waking; sometimes that's a true relief!

  3. Spiders in a dream.... very insightful... you should read up on Auntiflo what they portend. (Rajesh)


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