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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sailin' On

She has an oil tanker sized chip on her shoulder
and it's become the only thing I see.
But still I play nice,
though my loyalty is waning.

It's not so much giving up on her
as it is giving up on it: loyalty,
probably my best and worst trait
when it comes to those I love.

But, it's time,
because oil tankers are no beauty queens
while ugliness spills like the Exxon Valdez,
and because I am bound for fairer seas.

© 2015 Jennifer Wagner

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


International District, Seattle WA
Photo © 2013 Jennifer Wagner

she felt just like
the used condom,
amidst the cigarette butts
and partially eaten food.

The refuse
stacked up,
lining the side streets
and back streets
of the insides of her,
piling up
on her chalk outline.

Wasn’t she
what had been done to her?

But the point of no return
to what               
she thought of herself
was the road less traveled,
            a cross in the path—
and the journey upward,
a process
with the things
she has chosen to leave behind;

and that has made all the difference.

© 2013 Jennifer Wagner

A little bit of a spin off Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To Thine Own

Public domain image

Like a rebel’s note
come Sunday
I chanted my mal arranged vow,
as expected of a good girl like me.

But I had to sing true
in my Salishan earthed heart, vesicles bursting,
knowing it would thrive again
if for now, manacled, 3 quarters dead,
to some other maid’s dream.

Copyright © 2013 Jennifer Wagner

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