Monday, June 10, 2024

The Strategy of Fear


Photo © 2024 Jennifer Wagner

From down here,

in the dragon’s nest,

history leaves us seeing things.


The way water, air,

carve a figment,

a face in rock, red,

looking for light.


A channel, a hint

of a forgotten enemy

suddenly remembered


who thieves us

of our long-held dreams.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner



The Sunday Whirl:  Wordle 658

dVerse Q44:  Figment


Photo: Antelope Canyon (the section called Abe Lincoln).


  1. Love it, also those figment in our fantasy who eat away at those wonderful fantasies that also reality's monsters crave.

  2. You've described fear well, as an almost living thing, scratching and trying to find the weakest point where it can get in and wreak havoc. If I were ever to get a tattoo, it would be Joan of Arc's words: "I am not afraid. I was born to do this." Joan's my inspiration.

  3. That second stanza is so memorable for its beauty, relatability, but each line singing fear's tracings on earth and mind. Beautifully written, Jen.

  4. Fear, carving its way in to our psyche.....a wonderful description here. Excellent use of the word. Thanks so much for posting to the prompt!

  5. I am imagining 'down here in the dragon's nest' not certain I want to journey there ~~ your quadrille is quite thought provoking.

  6. Fear that is deep down can be frightening. But love the idea of a dragon's nest. Lovely to read you again.

  7. Well done. It gets steadily scarier, which is a good match for the corrosive erosive implications of the image.

  8. Jennifer, you're right. The shadows lurk and wait for weak moments to strike.

  9. Love it. Fear is a liar, well said! Also, cool format and I’m sure a challenging write.

  10. Fear has a way of putting figments into our minds and playing with it!

  11. Fear sits comfortably in a dragon's nest. Love this, Jennifer!

  12. I found them a tricky set of words. Fascinating to see what other people made of them. Nicely done.


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