Friday, June 21, 2024

Our Cavalier


Mr. Sam (a few months old)

You walked in,

blue-eyed and hungry,

nothing to your name,

and robbed us, just like that.


Well, that’s not entirely true—

you had the name we’d given you.


But, you do nothing,

much, in return.


Also not entirely true, as

we hear you working for us, tirelessly,

at odd hours in the office,

pressing buttons on the printer

(surely someone must test these things in the dark).


And, as a bonus, Siamese are long-storied eloquent

articulators, especially when breakfast

isn’t as early as it could be.  Who doesn’t

love chatter early in the morning before coffee?


Speaking of breakfast, if ever a fly treads

on our (your) domain: beware fly!!  You are toast!

An immeasurable talent.


At Christmas, who else knocks

the dangerous-looking ornaments

off the tree to protect us? 

Bites through the wiring

on the lights to save us from the blinking?


When we get up at night for a sip of water,

who else but you jumps out

and gives us a “gentle” swat

to keep us on our toes

in case there’s ever a real intruder?


Plus, you fetch, as good as a Labrador

in water (ours, of course, does not see you

the way we do, giving us the “I told you so” look

when you get a mild, insincere scolding).


But, never mind all that.  When you curl up with us,

it’s a visit from royalty,

and we won’t budge or flinch,

so you don’t leave for a cozier spot,

delighted we are The Chosen.


Now, Mr. Sam (how did you do that, too? 

You’re Mister Sam to us now?),

what may we get you, puss in boots? 

More treats?  A feather-plumed hat?  A rapier? 

Why bother with that—you’ve already slayed us

with your purrfect charms.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner


I love this rascal!


For Sherry’s Un-Fairy Tales prompt.  She said it’s wide open, so this is where it took me.



  1. I loved this so much. A delight to read. Mr Sam is wonderfully imperious, and I love the lab's eloquent I told you so glance. Smiles.

  2. Loved the last line - So much love and affection in this.

  3. My favorite poems are about kitties!! this is a good one!! annell

  4. "When you curl up with us,
    t’s a visit from royalty . . . "
    I feel that way about mine, too, who does less than nothing--except . . . Lovely and loving poem.

  5. What an adorable portrait of your little darling! Thanks to your words, Mr. Sam's got me wrapped around his little (swatting) paw too. You know you're The Chosen when you got a cat like that sitting on your lap. And don't you dare move until he's ready to move, you hear?! 😂

  6. He is Siamese if you please. He is Siamese of you don't please. What a handsome fellow! The tree and cords reminded me my old dog Skittles who was a sweetie but also a terror. She is the only one I've had IIRC who loved to chew through cords. Several lamps and clocks met their end courtesy of her interventions. I have never owned a cat, but my father was owned by one at the end of his life and he doted on it. When he passed, a lady I knew took him in. She would come to the post office where I worked with photos of him doing his thing or posing majestically and show me. It meant a lot to me that she did that. He liked sleeping in the bathroom sink!

  7. An absolute delight.. loved getting to know Mr. Sam .. and of course he must be "Mr." Sam to you and to all of us.. regal and absolutely beautiful.. A wonderful tribute from one who has been "Chosen" read with resonance from another of the "chosen ones" who live with and serve.

  8. "When you curl up with us, / it’s a visit from royalty," Aww...this is your true love for this extraordinary cat who makes you feel to be The Chosen one to have him with you.


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