Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Birds

Townsend's Warbler,
the Pileated Woodpecker,
Varied Thrush.

Red-breasted Nuthatches,
Black-capped Chickadees,
Chestnut-backed, too.

Pine Siskins,
a Red-winged Blackbird,
the Steller's Jays.

Dark-eyed Juncos,
Broad-tailed Hummingbirds,
Band-tailed Pigeons--yes, it's true!

Northwestern Crows,
crow, crow, crow--
the No-doubt Seahawks
are going to go
go, go!

© 2015 Jennifer Wagner

image © 2015 Jennifer Wagner

"No doubt" Seahawks and the 12's return to the Superbowl as defending champs (and the 12th team to do it).

For my boys. A list poem with all the birds we have identified in our yard.


  1. lol!! I was waiting for something ;) they proved they deserve it! cheers:)

  2. this bird count
    young minds see the changes
    nature's plan

    Nifty Jenn, the learning! _m

  3. LOL and here I thought it was an email about our feathered friends :)

    Clever twist

  4. ha. i am happy for you...you lived through some rough years here til recently....
    i just cant stand richard sherman...though i will give him props for playing hurt this week...it was a great comeback...

    1. Smiles...thanks...the kids around here are so amped! Sherman may not be your taste B...but he is amazing. There is more to him than his mouth. He grew up midst gangland, avoided that life and graduated from HS with a 4.2 and then from Stanford with a 3.9. He is expressive, no doubt, but some might argue that is part of the game...smiles... I think it's interesting some of his harshest critics say nothing about the words and actions of some hip hop artists while buying their music, or other athletes, who are worse offenders in other ways. The bias confounds me. There's a cool article here if you're interested: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/isaac-saul/what-richard-sherman-taught-us_b_4631980.html.

  5. A list poem - how interesting! I will have to try and take one of those on, sometime.

  6. I'm sure your kids appreciate all birds in our area...esp. now the Seahawks! Yay;)

    1. Hey fellow Washington lady! We all do enjoy watching the birds that come around, my youngest especially. Go Hawks! :-)

  7. Very touching. My hello to the lovely ones.

  8. I would be so surprised to find football players in my yard. I would call the police immediately. ;-P

  9. Oh, lol, what a surprise ending!
    And good luck to your team!

  10. Great to read about these visitors to your backyard.


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