Thursday, August 29, 2019

Soon: Spiders

Dalí looks at me
from across the room,
time melting as if exhausted
from the heat.

That look: like puppy dog eyes
pleading for a shift in the breeze.

But, no, I say,
don’t do that to me.
The darkness is coming,
so damp and rich I can taste it.

And soon:

© 2019 Jennifer Wagner

Reference:  Salvador Dalí's clocks in The Persistence of Memory.


  1. That darkness is coming. I can sense and smell the changing season too.

  2. I respect spiders and their many eyes. And limbs.
    Preferably from a distance ~

  3. Bravo! This was perfect, I felt it inside!

  4. Your Poetry is a living shell that brings thoughts to the eyes of our souls.

  5. Ah those moments … so wonderful to catch with one's pen … this one: tenderly rendered with just a sprinkle of mirth. Love it!

  6. You make it sound so ominous in four simple lines!! :) Great writing. I saw the painting as well, it is really eerie and surreal. Your lines are a fitting tribute to that. Thank you for this post Jen.


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