Saturday, August 17, 2019


my second born beautiful son

Who told you
you don’t have wings?

Their hearts
are just too small
to carry dreams.

Go, carry my heart
with you,
as you always have.

Change the world,

© 2019 Jennifer Wagner


  1. So encouraging - a mother's love and support of dreams is worth the world

  2. Wow, your son looks like a young Leonardo di sure he will carry your heart with him. I love the whole poem, especially "change the world. Sing."

  3. Nice to catch up with you, again, Jennifer. I'll never forget how supportive you were in my early blogging days. (Indeed I mentioned it in my first Poets United interview - as, without you, I very well might not have kept going … truly … and it has brought so much pleasure into my life. Thank you!)

    This is a lovely, tenderly penned piece. Bookending the first and last stanza with a wings/sing rhyme is really special in so many wonderful ways - that lift the words clear off the page/screen.

  4. such a mother's tender touch in this heart-felt gem! and to such a handsome son too!

  5. This is lovely Jennifer! A mother's love is BIG and it shows here in this beautiful poem! He will carry will carry your big love with him.

  6. What a wonderful gift this poem is, for him. Wat a special thing to have done for someone you love!

  7. Wow! That brought a broad smile on my face. I want every Mom in the world to sing this to their children as an Anthem! Such a lovely write.


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