Wednesday, August 14, 2019

You Are There

The stars are wish enough

with the grass
soft and cool beneath me,

the sky, dark,
but for those
indomitable lights

cradled in the expanse
of something bigger.

Content to be small
in the midst of so much
declaration, I,

the sky, earth, lit
and knit together
like Joseph’s sweater

in love lavished, brightly
cloaked favor,

find truth,

© 2019 Jennifer Wagner

Joseph’s sweater:  Joseph’s tunic given to him by his father in Genesis 37.


  1. from beginning to end, a sequence of breath-stealing lines!!

  2. Jennifer,
    __ Well seen, your art of word, as that love adds to all; the word wor-L-d, isn't the same without the -L- of Love. _m

    words of Love
    paints the Love of worLd
    each days hope

  3. Beautiful, Jennifer. I love the metaphor of Joseph's sweater...and your reference to the Psalm. (Responding with my defunct google site.)

  4. I love it! You always amaze me with what you're able to accomplish with so few words.

  5. Such aching beauty in these lines. What a perfect way to capture a moment of reckoning.

  6. How can one not believe in God when he/she looks up and out into the universe!


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