Saturday, February 20, 2016

How To Get Rich

(according to my eight-year-old son)

First, manual labor.

Then, buy lots and lots
of football cards

until you get The One
you can sell
for lots of money.

And then, he says, buy more.

He looks over at two
nine-year-old boys walking
toward school
and says, sagaciously,

they don't care about manual labor.

I've heard them talking
when I've been walking home.
All they talk about is video games.

I pull up
to his drop-off.

Mom, what's manual labor?

Physical work, I say,
like building a house.

He nods, gets out for school.

How To Get Rich, For Parents:

First, drive your 8-year-old to school.

And then,
laugh the whole way home.

© 2016 Jennifer Wagner

football cards on my son's dresser
photo © 2016 Jennifer Wagner
manual labor performed to purchase cards: brushed dog, set table, took out trash
manual labor in order to purchase more: clean room


brudberg said...

I think you are wise... real richness is in that laughter.

Tank said...

The Best! I love how you've captured that wonderful moment of childhood wisdom, priceless!!!

Magyar said...

__My oldest grandchild is twenty two; over the years I've seen and had the laughs and smiles of which you have written so well, Jen. Here, a great and relatable story, Jen! Lovit!

Margaret said...

My 8 year old likes the idea for Pokemon cards! So he said he will "only do manual labor when I want to". Ha So I guess, no cards then (he inherited a lot from his older brother) Love that rich= laughter :)

Grace said...

Sweet...ha..ha...I like how your son's mind works ~ I love the laughter in end, rich & priceless ~

Maude Lynn said...


Wendy Bourke said...

This brought a smile: memories of my "little boys" (now in their 30's) wanting to be "Worker Men" when they grew up.

janetld said...

Thanks for giving me such smiles! My favorite smiley parts:

until you get The One
you can sell
for lots of money.


Mom, what's manual labor?

Outlawyer said...

Jennifer--this is just so charming. It really made me smile/laugh--thanks! k.

Fireblossom said...

I like the Yellowstone souvenir! Sorry to have been scarce; I've been very sick (but am on the mend...I think!) and lost my dog, too, as I think you knew. It's been quite the few weeks, but I'm glad to be visiting again.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

This was perfectly wonderful . I loved it.