Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Search & Rescue

The last I heard from you was
at 5:30am

and I turn off the TV now
to rain forecast and reports
of mud to turn to quicksand.

I’m not supposed to worry.

I’m not supposed to worry.

I’m not supposed to worry.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

Hearts and prayers and hands continue to go out for the victims and their loved ones of the mudslide in Oso, WA in which 14 have died and many are missing.  My husband is part of the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) team deployed in the rescue and recovery effort.


Brian Miller said...

ugh. not knowing is the worst...and our imaginations take that fear and turn it into nightmares....i hope that your husband is safe...but that he is able to reunite some families....

Mary said...

How frightening, Jennifer. I understand your worry. What a horrible tragedy in Oso. I hope you hear from your husband soon. Prayers for those who are trapped and also for those who are trying to rescue them.

Janet Martin said...

Hugs and prayers, my friend! Let us know what happens, 'kay?

Geraldine said...

but it's so hard NOT to worry isn't it? sending good thoughts your way. take care.

Jennifer Wagner said...

I got an update a bit ago...he is assigned to an area on the edge of the slide where they think most of the homes ended up. The slide occurred on Saturday and many people were expected to be at home...they think almost zero probability for survivors at this point. Thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of those missing, thoughts and prayers being said,

Wendy Bourke said...

This is heart wrenching, Jennifer. In such difficult times, I have found, each in our own way - find the strength to do, what is required of us. Waiting, is a very, very hard thing to do.

Magyar said...

wringing hands
waiting in this loud silence
tension searches

Peaceful wishes to those lost, to their familys, and all that care.

RMP said...

I imagine the chanting helps quell some of the worry felt. still it must be next to impossible not to worry.

janetld said...

So sad. But many thanks to your husband and the others sent to search and rescue. More prayers and peaceful thoughts on their way to you and all affected.


Kathy Reed said...

Brief but well expressed. They say worry is wasted energy, but I beg to differ; if it's in our nature, I mean.
My best to you and your hero husband over there ..I am on Whidbey