Monday, March 3, 2014

Lion Around

The Sleeping Gypsy, 1897, by Henri Rousseau,
image via The Mag

If you’re going to have
a pet lion
you’d better carry a stick.

He may get bored of your
pink hair, sitar strumming
and cheap wine.

After all
that fun gypsy-ing
one does, eventually,
have to eat.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

Ok, I’m just having a bit of poetic fun with this wonderful painting by Rousseau provided by the excellent poet and hostess Tess Kincaid at Magpie Tales.  Check out the work of other writers there--I’m sure they came up with something less cringeworthy and cliché than I did in writing to this image.  :-)  I think it’s my mood. 

And I used to have pink hair on one side.  I kinda miss it.


  1. Nice poem! I dont think its cringeworthy at all actually! :) It's short and straight to the point! And nice that you've had pink hair, must have looked awesome!

  2. Eat or be eaten! Thanks for the smile today.

  3. ha. yes indeed.
    but how dang cool would it be to have a pet lion.
    did you happen to see that guy that grew up with the lions.
    watched the video earlier this week of him wrestling
    with them...crazy!!!

    1. That guy who has wild lions running up to him with very obvious glee over seeing him as they leap up to hug him? That guy!!??? Definitely super crazy, but oh, so cool. Think of the amazing tales a Lion Whisperer could weave.

  4. Smiles...very sound advice...except the stick won't do you much good if you fall asleep...a cage (whether for you or the lion) would seem a better idea.

    cats seem to be the theme with these last two posts.

  5. This is very clever and cute . . . and brought a smile.

  6. Oh, this is entrancing ... great job!

  7. Smiles this way too. :) I'm thinking of how I'd deal with the wild animals I myself would like t have (an elephant, a hippo and a giraffe) when they eventually got bored or hungry! :)

    Take care and keep smiling.

  8. heh heh heh.....huge smiles to this one!

  9. A fun take on this Mag picture - thanks:)

  10. Hahaha - that is fun! And you cover all the elements of this trippy painting.

  11. Wonderful job with the picture prompt here. And you're right, that lion always has to eat...

  12. Very clever response to the prompt...

  13. fun poem to read..hope that lion doesn't get hungry..

  14. This is so fun. I love the playful title and the 'sitar strumming' and just the whole vibe of it.

  15. I like the way this rolls, and I shall offer him only a fine wine, and be sure there's plenty of red meat on hand, I ever had a lion! This was fun.

  16. Made me smile too! I like how you just jump in there and tell it like it is!

  17. Wonderful start to my morning, I too write poetry blogging since 2007 but recently started a new blog.
    I have just joined your followers as I like your style. Look forward to returning,


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