Saturday, March 23, 2013

Westport Beach

cherry blossoms and butterflies
get stuck in my throat
today, and every time,
a just right spring blows
the salt wind and dark wave
against my memory
and across my bare toes
to unbury thoughts of pebbles and sand
and running and laughing
and six year old you

Copyright © 2013 Jennifer Wagner

For Andrew.  On a day like today.


  1. big smiles. i like...first cherry blossoms and butterflies, both very beautiful things to the textures you get out of this as well...the salt breeze, pebbles and sand on bare toes...and the memories, tied closely to the beach theme as well...very nice...

  2. I like the happy memories ~ Hope your day is wonderful as cherry blossoms and butterflies ~ Smiles ~

  3. " a just right spring blows
    the salt wind and dark wave "

    Part of what makes good poetry so satisfying to read is the compactness of it, which demands exactly the right words, in the right order. The above is a marvelous example of poetry done right. The whole thing is nostalgic, bittersweet, lovely.

  4. Ah, the message I get spring, with cherry blossoms and butterflies appearing, one is transported back to those childhood memories when life was new, and one was experiencing the spring beauty for the very first time! Very nice~

  5. "spring blows a salt and dark wave against my memory" reminds me so much of being at the ocean with my daughters. Love this!

  6. Loving the details of this. There are so many moments we stop and savour and this is one that's beautifully captured :)

  7. The details in this one are so incredibly vivid! I hope you had a good weekend!

  8. a beautiful poem with such vivid description.

  9. the opening lines are quite enticing. my toes itch to be bare, but every time spring wafts by winter digs in its eerie claws.

    a lovely poem!

  10. Makes me feel the wave of childhood. Thanks.


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