Wednesday, April 3, 2024

My Miracles Use Cell Phones


One calls just because

he was thinking of me.


Another, to say he’s concerned

about someone,

is helping any way he can,

and asks if I will pray, knowing I already am.


Another to cry, to weep deep,

over children being killed in war

because it’s OK to cry with me.


Another to say, “Thank you, Mom.”


These miracles care about

making a difference.

They don’t care

about getting a better car

or better clothes.


They spend their money on groceries

for someone else,

plan trips to other countries

to do what they can to help.


Sometimes I think

the world doesn’t deserve them.

I don’t deserve them.

But that’s what the best miracles do.


They show up,

undeserved, because of love,

and make a difference.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner



For Mary’s prompt:  Miracles


National Poetry Month:  Day 3



  1. "These miracles care about making a difference."
    Wow! So many miracles. You are loved and love spreads out into the world because all your children carry it.

  2. "These miracles care about making a difference." -- Sometimes a call from someone can make all the difference in a world. And yes, we are thankful that miracles show up in rough times and make a difference! An inspiring poem, Jennifer.

  3. This is great and such words of caring love for others. Yes, they do make a difference. Well done.

  4. This poem, and the story it tells of such wonderful, caring, AWARE people, makes me feel good about the world this morning. Absolutely beautiful, Jennifer.

  5. I like to think that they’ve had the greatest example of love and sacrifice right in front of their eyes their entire lives. Love you.

  6. Children are miracles. And we are lucky to have them!! Thank you. annell

  7. Beautiful and timely. Very much so.

  8. The redemption of cell phones. Exellent.

  9. The miracle of a cell phone that keeps our miracles close. There's much to be grateful for.

  10. "These miracles care about

    making a difference."....And these miracles have kept our world intact; have saved it from being fragmented. Sweetness exists because of them. Love every word of the poem. Beautiful.


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