Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I’m not fond
of needles,

or needling
in general,

especially when
I’ve lain
on a bed of them.

So I will stick

to the kind
like pine, and

like space, ever
reaching skyward—

to thread
my life

with the hope
that never fails

to call my name.

© 2016 Jennifer Wagner

Space Needle Image © 2016 Jennifer Wagner


Janet Martin said...

without hope we're done. this is beautiful, as well as the verse you reference and I return your words...I needed this today.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

This just rolled out like a lovely apple down a hillside. This is beautiful.

ayala said...

Lovely! We were there two years ago and we loved it.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Oh, the images that pour out of your heart... They make me sigh at their beauty.

Rajesh said...

This is beautiful.

Magyar said...

Great work Jen_!
"to thread my life, with hope that never fails
to call my name"

__Hope calls each day, but life's pouch can wear.

stitch on stitch
that darns my pouch of life
a days needle

Tank said...

Lovely poem, especially "to thread my life with the hope that never fails"

Wendy Bourke said...

A lovely piece - with a delightful wisp of humor.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Really lovely Jennifer! One to read and read again

JB said...

Lovely poem
I love how you out the words together

Shilpa said...

Lovely poem and pic

Grace said...

I admire the reaching for skyward, despite the needles of life ~

grapeling said...

with 4 boys, I'm guessing a fair amount of needling happens in your house... ~