Sunday, June 12, 2016


I once trusted
every standing bridge
I came to,

that it would hold,
carry me over
to the other side.

Now, I doubt.

At each crossing,
a hesitation.

Experience has taught me
wolves dwell among the sheep,
chaff remains midst the wheat.

Rotten planks.  Weak foundations.  Slippery stepping stones.

My eyes have fooled me
more than once
on this account.

But fear won’t have a stranglehold
around the neck of my indecision.

I’ll keep walking
even when I have to close my eyes
to see.

© 2016 Jennifer Wagner


  1. Life was so much sweeter when we proceeded with all-accepting innocence (or so I seem to recall: it was a long time ago, that the last vestiges of innocence drifted from me).

    It's wonderful to see it in a child, though, we "grown-ups" must be that much more vigilent to preserve that carefree state as long as possible, for them.

    But yes - even as we find more things to concern us - we must keep walking and not allow fear to have a stranglehold on us. There is beauty to be found in discovery (even for old ancients) ... and discovery requires risk.

  2. Great analogy - Sad that life is like this, I love how you ended it, very powerful!

  3. __Your trusting thought and verse, Jen, love it! An echo of your closing line, "even when I have to close my eyes to see'. _m

    closed eyes
    I trust as my mind sees
    each step

  4. This was clear and wise. I don't know if the events in Orlando influenced this, but in that context, we all must move forward into an uncertain future with faith. Lovely and inspiring. Mosk

  5. ' My eyes have fooled me
    more than once'

    Love that stanza and where you placed it! Much wisdom gleaned from experience!

  6. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of THINGS WE CANNOT SEE.
    Awesome last line. wow.

  7. This is hopeful yet realistic. It's hard to trust again after being betrayed or hurt. But we can remain cautious while still being open to wonderful things happening in our lives.


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