Friday, November 14, 2014

how to fingerPaint a poem

splash, play

get in there
get messy

it will be worth it

blue ink
up to
your elbow

across your cheek

dots of crimson
on your fingertips

and one full palm-
print of

your story

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner


  1. Wonderful extended metaphor. Awesome word palette. You've really captured the unbridled elation that one can experience through the freedom of expression that is the joy of the arts.

  2. Such a fun poem, I love the title fingerPaint and one full palm print of your story... and that you're the kind of mom that will spend an afternoon doing that with our boys. :-)

  3. A story of life and its imprints on us ........................

  4. oh i like... fingerpaint and poetry can get a bit messy at times... but def. that's the way to do it sometimes.. smiles


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