Sunday, November 16, 2014


Image via Mag 246

It’s subtle
how it calls,
how the road
yields to the curve
of your palm,

upon your tongue,
your palate quivering
with diesel and dust
as if cigar smoke, sex, Bordeaux.

By day,
the sun toasty,
by night,
the stars crisp,
like hints of a lover’s kiss
fresh upon your skin,

soul entwined
with the highway wind,
a liberative mix,
as the slivered moon
tends to the
cumulonimbus clouds
in your mind.

And it’s subtle
how you answer,
how you
yield to the curve
of its palm.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

Going for a mind clearing drive with Magpie Tales & the Sunday Whirl.


Uma Anandane said...

Beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...

The open road beckons, calls, cools, and winds,
and then unwinds.

I ride a a 650 scooter and I love the road.

Kathy Reed said...

Interesting to me how people have different immediate reactions to the prompt words...unique what came to your mind..very romantic.

Wendy Bourke said...

The title says it all: Acceleration. If relationships don't put the pedal to the metal, occasionally - they, inevitably, sputter, to a dead stop. There's something to be said for seizing the day, together. Smiles.

elaine said...

great response to the prompt. your palate quivering
with diesel and dust - great words

brudberg said...

Yes there is a certain charm in the highway at night.. there is a romantic danger that is intriguing.. pulls me back to days when I where younger.

Anonymous said...

I love this: "with diesel and dust as if cigar smoke, sex, Bordeaux." I can almost taste it!

Leovi said...

You leave a wonderful poem! I like that subtle feeling fine full throttle!

kaykuala said...

One must certainly be very careful with this kind of stretch. Wonderful write Jennifer!


L.L. Barkat said...

Of course I am loving the toastiness and the crispness. Really liking the small moments of "cataloging" too.

Namrata said...

The road and me...we have a different story of ours to tell. And it seems like you told with your beautiful words. :)

janetld said...

energetic, passionate. you have a way with words.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You are such a true romantic; it's evident in every poem you write!

Theresa Milstein said...

The best part:
your palate quivering
with diesel and dust
I enjoyed this poem.

Berowne said...

Strong yet delicate, a neat combo.

Grace said...

I admire the sensuality mixing with the oil, smoke and dangerous curves of the roads ~ A potent write Jennifer ~

Michael said...


Justin Lamb said...

I love the connection between the body/soul and being on the road. And this part is amazing:

"By day,
the sun toasty,
by night,
the stars crisp,
like hints of a lover’s kiss
fresh upon your skin,"

Great poem, Jennifer.

Silent Otto said...

Thank you for bringing some silvery curvature to the straight edged charnel house that is roads , though the more i think about it the more i realise that on this round ball ypon which we dwell , no road will ever be truly straight , will it ?

Tess Kincaid said...

The curve of your palm...I love that metaphor...

Anonymous said...

Love the "curve of your palm" and the way danger can follow.

Anonymous said...

just breathtaking, Jennifer..