Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dear Misery,

I miss you.  I really do.
You were always there
ready to make merry,
happy as a shitfaced clown
on Saturday afternoon.

But back to niceties,
you played the fiddle
and I danced
to your tormented tune

like a
jilted wife
waiting for another truth.

Is that dancing?
Hell, yes.
You should see my shoes,
all tapped out, so to speak.

I love you.  Come back.
Though there’s nothing left here
for you except

a .22.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

My more sensitive readers may not appreciate my strong language in this one, and I hope I haven’t lost you, but sometimes, you have to get ugly when you’re fighting monstersthere’s beauty in it...


  1. Wow, Jennifer -- that is one strong poem. Sometimes strong language IS necessary. And sometimes mixed feelings DO reigh.

  2. An intense articulation of the cycle of physical and/or mental abuse (tension building, acting out, reconciliation/honeymoon, calm … tension building …) that exists in a controlling patriarchal based relationship. Dancing to a tormented tune - an effort to do everything possible to avoid the onset of the tension building. And the reconcilation/honeymoon phase would, I imagine, generate feelings that there really is love in the relationship. Well penned, Jennifer.

  3. powerful, Jen. there are different ways of putting the hammer down... ~

  4. A .22! And the misery as a circus clown. Well, it is very lucid image. Hard to forget. May you never have to dance that dance ever.

  5. I love the strong words...sometimes it is needed to give a powerful message ~ Well done Jennifer ~

  6. Rejoicing that misery is gone..........yay!
    Jesus was a pretty strong character when he told the devil off, too.


  7. Strong poem, Jennifer. I'm not sure what your story is behind it but I found much of my struggle with depression in this poem. Thank God for overcoming difficult obstacles!

  8. Also, thanks for mentioning Janet/Twigs & Stones. I'm looking forward to reading her tanka poems. I'm new to the form but I love it so far.

  9. It's not at all ugly. Rather I find it a powerful portrayal. No doubt one might find psychic streaks here and there. Still I say I like it. :)

  10. Shit faced clowns can really spoil a Saturday:)

  11. This is a powerful piece. I really liked how you presented it! :)


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