Monday, October 13, 2014

Old Red Farm Truck

If I were the old red
farm truck

I’d rust gracefully,
warm myself
in the sun
no matter
who was looking

or not looking.

I’d rumble through town
turning heads and
classy kinds
to sputter,
gape and guffaw
at my sheer lack
of gloss.

I’d smell like tobacco,
and tar—

even on Saturday nights
when I’d
idle slowly,

taking up more space
than they’d think
I ought to have,

and park
at the old drive-in
with Coke and popcorn
stuck to my seat

while somebody
kisses somebody else
for the first time,

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner


  1. You have given life to this old farm truck. I can just see it rusting with grace. There is a lot of atmosphere in this poem. Nice to see you at Poetry Jam.

  2. Jennifer, this is really very touching! I am sure there are lots of those old farm trucks sitting deserted somewhere. They have their memories, I am sure, and you gave personality to one of them! This is an excellent poem, makes me smile as I reflect from the truck's point of view.

  3. ah you have given that old truck quite the character...i love it...i grew up rolling around in first car was and old truck i could not destroy if my life depended on it...and it rusted...and that was character too...smiles.

  4. Old things seem to reflect such a wonderful patina of history in their "sheer lack of gloss" and simply by having survived well past their glory days, conjure forth happy images.

  5. This is great. I love classic, aged cars and trucks (which is why I have a VW bus). You made the truck come alive. Well done.

  6. an interesting voice of the truck presenting a slice of the end...

  7. My husband had a shiny Chevy pick up when we first got married. I recall more than one 'forever' kiss in that truck. Great poem.

  8. There's something about those trucks - I miss mine. Great writing, it conjures up memories and captures perfectly the image of an old truck

  9. Love this Jennifer ~ Specially admire I'd rust gracefully and smell tobacco and even witness that special first kiss ~

  10. This reminds me so much of my dad. He always drove an old truck, so many memories of driving around with him drinking hot chocolate, listening to music etc. Beautifully done!

  11. an enjoyable read...I think you'd make quite a spectacular old farm truck.

  12. i love the way you make your words breathe with life and unfold the magic of simple things. this shows the beauty of your heart and mind. so much enjoyed.

  13. Wonderful poem. I loved that you took the view of the old farm truck! Inspired indeed.

  14. what a perfect image ~


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