Thursday, October 9, 2014

Credible Hulk

Rounding the corner
I see him
and can tell

he wants to talk.

I pull
the earbuds
from my ears—

Hi, buddy.  How ya doing?  Having fun out here?
—Good!  Yes.

Seeing a pumpkin in his yard, I ask,
what are you going to be for Halloween?
—I’m gonna be
the ‘Credible Hulk!

Great choice.  We really don’t
have enough of those, you know.

His smile leaps up
like a grasshopper
and then he bounds away, too.

I replace the earbuds,
keep walking,
and whisper—

Godspeed, little man,

© 2014 Jennifer

A snippet of a conversation I had with a little boy I met as I was on a walk.  Of course he meant The Incredible Hulk, but the way he said it is so much better.  Smiles!


Brian Miller said...

ha. cute...we def need more credible hulks...and politicians...and ....

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

So cute! Smiles to you Jennifer!!

Wendy Bourke said...

Little ones are so dear - and so innocent. As with this encounter, from time to time, they open a little window into their childlike world and the adult in you - with all that awful grownup knowledge about how mean life can be - wants to protect them so, from the big bad world. I have, occasionally, found myself whispering godspeed under my breath after a sweet exchange such as this. Beautifully sketched, Jennifer.

Grace said...

What a lovely encounter ~ I am sure it made his day, and yours, smiles ~

Claudia said...

awwww that is so sweet... what a lovely encounter and def. we need more credible hulks...smiles

Panchali said...

That was such a neat writing, poetlaundry! Sweet encounter!! :)

Anonymous said...

dang, I really like the title and your relating of this conversation :) ~

RMP said...

oh...this is quite adorable...sounds like he'll make a very credible Incredible Hulk.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Jennifer, when my son was little and the show was on television ( a looooong time ago) he always said he wanted to watch the 'Crebado Hunk'. We've called it that to this day, as my grandsons are now pretending. Smile.

janetld said...

A charming, enjoyable read with such a good ending!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

These are the best, little snippets of our every day interactions with those around us :)