Saturday, August 17, 2019


my second born beautiful son

Who told you
you don’t have wings?

Their hearts
are just too small
to carry dreams.

Go, carry my heart
with you,
as you always have.

Change the world,

© 2019 Jennifer Wagner

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

You Are There

The stars are wish enough

with the grass
soft and cool beneath me,

the sky, dark,
but for those
indomitable lights

cradled in the expanse
of something bigger.

Content to be small
in the midst of so much
declaration, I,

the sky, earth, lit
and knit together
like Joseph’s sweater

in love lavished, brightly
cloaked favor,

find truth,

© 2019 Jennifer Wagner

Joseph’s sweater:  Joseph’s tunic given to him by his father in Genesis 37.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Catch and Release

Carillon Point
Photo © 2019 Jennifer Wagner

It wasn’t the briny olives,
the creamy fromage.
It wasn’t the tender duck confit.

It wasn’t even the cascade
of twilight on harbored boats
on which we imagined
ourselves adventuring.

It was you, in your fisherman sweater,
blue-green eyes sparkling,
hooking deep to give me back
my heart and bones,

returning all my loss, tossed
in the fracturing, titanic wind,
holding me to my dreams
and why I’d dreamt them.

© 2019 Jennifer Wagner