Sunday, May 5, 2024

Sigh Lens


Chattahoochee River

Photo © 2024 Jennifer Wagner


Wild horses and burros

roam back home

grazing on fireland.


But, iced tea in her hand,

Grandma would say,

Come, sit a spell.


And that’s just what I

intend to do,


sweet tea,


with you.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner



For Mary’s prompt at What’s Going On?  Silence.


I used “sit,” but my grandma said, “set,” in her sweet Missourian way (which she also pronounced, “Mi-zur-uh”).


  1. Oh, I just love the gentleness of this poem, the nostalgia. Sitting a spell with sweet tea sounds like heaven!

  2. My grandmother said "set" too! Nothing like sweet tea and a peaceful scene.

  3. I love this so much! Memories of my grandma. And now it is me, sitting a spell and drinking sweet tea. I remember my grandma's tea parties, her tiny cottage living room with card tables set up for bridge, and the women coming in fancy hats and gloves......and the formality. My grandma referred to my grandpa, in company, as Mr Marr. Lovely memories.

  4. *big sigh* Seeing through your lens I see so much, sweet tea and sweet peace with someone too special for words. Even wild horses have to go home sometimes.

  5. I love this relaxing mood of Silence exuding peace. Heavenly.

  6. A wonderful tribute, slow and easy painted with love


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