Thursday, May 23, 2024

At the Rokerij


That kiss just outside

the speakeasy

left me speechless.


It was dark inside, lit by candles,

and the heavy door, as an ancient time portal,

shut snug when we were ushered in.


I remember the way you looked at me,

and all the things you whispered,

sitting there caressing

my sandaled foot.



when we were left alone

to climb the hidden stair,


your hands were warm

and the stones cool

against my back.


You’ve always known what to say

and how to say it to me,

with your eyes dark,

glittering, cerulean coins—


and still now, in the corridor

to the dragon’s lair,

milky smoke rising from your nostrils,


leading me, willing sacrifice

in white velvet,

to everyday heaven.



© 2024 Jennifer Wagner


dVerse OLN


When you kiss the same guy for 26 years, and still want to.


  1. wonderful! Great poem!

  2. A stunning poem about a special memory, Jennifer! I love the idea of the speakeasy’s ‘heavy door, as an ancient time portal, shut snug when we were ushered in’, and the ‘eyes dark, glittering, cerulean coins’.

  3. I really love this, the thought of a speakeasy and such an encounter... or maybe the speakeasy is more a metaphor for a relationship of danger and bliss.

  4. Simply a gorgeous sensual poem, Jennifer. You imply just enough and leave the rest to our imagination. I love these lines especially:

    "your eyes dark,
    glittering, cerulean coins"

    "leading me, willing sacrifice...
    to everyday heaven."

  5. What a mix of sensuality, intrigue and even some foreboding notes.

  6. 26 years? Don't you have to stop for lunch or something? My idiocy aside, this is a gorgeous, sensuous poem and I envy you these moments which you have described with your usual deft touch, Jen. I had to search the Rokerij. It looks like just the setting for this!

  7. Smoldering and sensual, I felt like I was being mesmerized along with the willing sacrifice. Ooh la la!

  8. beautiful, as always. I esp. love the ending 'everyday heaven'.

  9. Ooh...this is good. A touch of nostalgia and oozing with seduction. Love the phrase "everyday heaven".

  10. Love this, Jennifer! The description of the eyes, the warmth and coolness.

  11. Ah! May the feeling forever remain fresh and new in both of your hearts.

  12. Some sacrifice, still smoldering after all these years! 😀 Beautiful love song, Jennifer.

  13. What a gorgeous, sensual write! I hear ya! 30 and going here sis! Love it.


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