Monday, July 17, 2017

beautiful name(s)

your name
a whisper on his lips

called like consuming fire
to taste and see
he is good

the sweetness of his name
on your lips

like water
like honey

like something new
you didn’t know
all this time
has found you

when you didn’t know
what you were looking for

© 2017 jennifer wagner

written for some people i love


  1. Thank you for retorching a memory

  2. Beautiful, simple and powerful. I love it!

  3. Beautiful - I love it too!
    You have your own lovely, distinct voice, which in my book is a good thing!

  4. Lovely! I often think about names ... about how they are conferred upon us by our parents and (pretty much) whether we find them beautiful or not: we are stuck with them. But, if we are lucky enough to find someone who finds our name 'beautiful', we come to realize that there is magic in our name. When we have love in our life - their name(s) is/are beautiful.

  5. what quiet rejoicing is woven into these lines. Praise His name.


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