Saturday, November 19, 2016

Everlove (Softly to Be Let In)

photo of card from our neighbor

This poem is about a dog,
you know the one,
the one who danced in the kitchen
with the kids after dinner;

the one who nibbled gently
on your shirtsleeve
when you played and scratched and loved him;

the one who howled happy,
and barked deep if asked to speak,
but softly to be let in;

the one who taught you more
than you taught him.

This poem is about a dog
who, with his final breaths,
looked you, each, in the face
one long, loving, last time.

© 2016 Jennifer Wagner

In Memory of Druke Wagner 2000-2016


  1. Marvelously and lovingly composed

  2. This is so lovingly and poignantly penned, Jennifer. Those furry family members are truly cherished and dearly missed when they pass. A beautiful eulogy to a beloved pet.

  3. OH, Jennifer, this breaks me hard. Beautiful poem, one that anyone who has ever been loved by a dog could identify with.

  4. Beautiful poem and such a wonderful boy. Thank you for capturing his memory so well...

  5. Yes. I know of this dog as we've been blessed as well. Hugs. A fine tribute.

  6. Love love loved. My condolences for your loss. "Dogs reflect a part of God." (From "God and Dog" - look for it on YouTube - you won't be sorry.)

  7. this cold paw
    stays in life's memory
    warm heart

  8. This is a wonderful tribute for your friend who have wandered on... sixteen years, that is really a dog who had a long (and happy) life.

  9. Oh this makes me cry! My Sasha is 14 and she is hobbling now with really bad arthritis--so I feel for you--someone once told me that dogs don't live to be 14 or 15 or 16 unless they have truly been loved. This was beautiful!

  10. The love of a pet is a wonderful thing...and the loss of a pet one of life's most painful...


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