Saturday, July 9, 2016

About Trolls

Fremont Troll, Seattle, WA
Image © 2016 Jennifer Wagner

Stand strong,
there are real-life trolls out there—
small people

who’ll try
to steal your sweetness, your flame,
consume your fire by night,
snuff out your compass cloud.

You must stand strong.

But, if they’re big enough
to take your Volkswagen, with one hand—


© 2016 Jennifer Wagner


  1. I do believe in trolls, but alas they are not easy to distinguish... Yet they can consume you easily.... So run might be the best idea.

  2. This is useful information. is that a book in his hand? I love a troll who reads!

    1. He's gripping an actual Volkswagen Beetle! The troll is giant!

  3. This poem evokes in me the disappointment of the times and the sorrow I hear everywhere. Lovely write,Jen.

  4. I love how this pulls at my heart and my funnybone! I think I will avoid trolls!

  5. I used to read "Billy Goats Gruff" to my kids when they were little - it was always a very fun book to act out. This Troll is so cool - but real life ones not so much. As big as they appear - they really are "small". We must learn to rise up... Always love your poems and POV.

  6. This is so cool! Very wise ... very funny. The perfect treat for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  7. There are most definitely many trolls out there...but we also control how much we let their opinions bother us :)

    I wish you a wonderful start to the week :)

  8. This is profound, practice and pragmatic! It's best to have one's idealism but sometimes compromise will keep us from being trapped in a crush Volkswagen. - Mosk

  9. Both truth and humor here! Love the photo too.

  10. Makes me smile! I hate trolls, but sometimes it is better to run! Nice job...

  11. The dog barks; toward an empty space; side step. _m

  12. dunno if I could run fast enough if he has long strides... ~


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