Wednesday, April 27, 2016

war for me

my brokenness has borne
the fruit
of a thousand sorrows

piece by piece by piece
piercing by piercing by piercing
arrows of unlove
to become

what can only be
by the man of sorrows

acquainted with grief
my grief

in love’s long-suffering war

© 2016 Jennifer Wagner

“Love is a long-suffering war.” –Janet Martin, poet extraordinaire

Note:  over at dVerse the prompt is to write a secret admirer poem and since my poem is a bit similar to the guidelines of the prompt offered I wanted to make mention of it--though I didn’t write it in response.


Janet Martin said...

Jen, I am touched beyond words.truly. thank-you.
I read and reread your poem. breath-taking! and do you know what?! I have Isaiah 53 hanging on my fridge!

Rajesh said...

Jen, I have not read another poem that could hammer the very soul with a million holes, each bleeding red. Someday, there will be a Rose.

Tank said...

Such a powerful and beautiful poem - wonderful!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I like the feel of this: there is the brokenness and the eventual healing. I like your poems: they have just enough detail so they are not prosaic, but they are accessible to someone like me. Fine write, this is.

janetld said...

I love this poem about both unlove and love.

Wendy Bourke said...

The stuff of living and loving captured so eloquently in this beautifully woven poem. Wonderful writing!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

There is an art to poetry that few can grasp...but you are one of the few that can. Great job...

Magyar said...

__Love, is that which you give to all to overcome the 'thousand sorrows'... with but one of glee. One plus one, then more and more, and soon the count of hate receds. The "Count of Hate."

Grace said...

Much to think and ponder about ~ Love each word and line Jennifer ~