Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Poem I Choose Today

In the wild wood
there are poems everywhere:

forest grouse, bright berries, late blossoms,
little sounds our feet make
on the undergrowth.

In the streets
there are poems, poems everywhere:

cigarette butts, Christmas lights, hurried voices,
the scent of roasted beans
wafting from coffee bars.

But here beside you,
tangled breaths
like drenching rain,

are more.

© 2015 Jennifer Wagner


Grace said...

Love the poem selection at the end ~ Have a good week Jennifer ~

janetld said...

What a beautiful, gentle reminder of the daily poems all around us…And then, at the end, a special place where there are even more.

Wendy Bourke said...

Wonderful! Beautifully sketched. So romantic and tender.

Margaret said...

Wish I had written this. I often feel that way after reading your poetry. Stunning poem - just adore it.

Tank said...

I really love this poem, very romantic... I like how you see poetry in life, in every detail - you're so creative.

brudberg said...

I really like this.. it's exactly that way... that poem here and now. It's like a warm hand slipping into yours.

Magyar said...

poetry; to the last rain drop; two hearts

The whole poem. _m

grapeling said...

lovely ~