Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Love Poem Should Be Spent

When you write a love poem
on the palm of your hand,
the kind that's meant to stick,

and blow it away
like a kiss,

if it returns
on wings, crispy-black,
falls like St. Helens' ash,

that's when you'll know
it worked.

© 2015 Jennifer Wagner


Grace said...

I love the idea of giving it away Jennifer ~ Multiply it, spend it and watch it come back ten times stronger ~

Have a lovely week ~

grapeling said...


Jody Lee Collins said...

gives 'blowing a kiss' a whole new meaning. Lovely.

Wendy Bourke said...

Beautiful ... setting love free, putting it to work in the world. A lovely little piece, Jennifer.

brudberg said...

This is just wonderful ... this is exactly how love should be spread... on sooty wings...

Margaret said...

It Burnt itself out, working so hard, getting the job done. Enjoyed this twist.

Tank said...

A very romantic muse, I really like "falls like St. Helens' ash"!

janetld said...

I agree, lovely work…and quite unique, too!