Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Photo © 2015 Jennifer Wagner

If smiles light up rooms,
yours lights up a thousand
rooms in my heart-dark-need
for such a beacon.

Yours, my own little
prince of peace.
Yours, my own little
light of the world.

© 2015 Jennifer Wagner


Mary said...

Beautiful poem for a handsome young man!

Grace said...

A sweet poem filled with mother's love and pride ~ I love his smile ~

Janet Martin said...

this post brought both smiles and tears. so precious!
(I like the door behind him too!! :)

Wendy Bourke said...

A lovely little piece ... joyful ... and rendered with such tenderness.

What a nice looking fellow! And that sunshine ☀ smile ... wonderful!

Margaret said...

Oh. I so get this. Yes, a light indeed. My sixth (and probably last) child, my second son, is our "little man" and he hugs and kisses me still. He is sincere dear and often I just tear up looking at his sweetness. Yours looks like a joy as well. Always, always love your poetry.

Tank said...

You've captured our little man so well - this brought a huge smile to my face! Great job, I love this poem and the picture, possibly the last time he wore the "ninjago" swimming trunks before they became uncool...

janetld said...

This is so sweet, including the picture, and you've said so much in just a few lines.

grapeling said...

ahhhh. make me wonder what happened to my now 14 and 16 year old men-sters :) ~