Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dear April

image © 2015 Jennifer Wagner,
photo of my home calendar

You don't fool me. Though
you start off that way.

Yes, you slosh rain
from infinity buckets,
but you smile
just the same
from the ground up--
jelly bean tulips and buttery daffodils
springing round
like long-lost jewels.

And even though it's time
for the bogey-tax-man,
you balance him
with a month of poetry
and the crack
of a bat and Big League Chew
(Original, Grape, Sour Apple, and Watermelon!).

So, you're not really fooling me, April,
as much as you think you are.

T.S. Eliot said you are
the cruelest month,” but
at least more often than in March,
there is guaranteed
one Good Friday
and a Resurrection reminder
(coming back from the dead
really can't be beat).

Plus, your flower is the daisy (my favorite)
or the sweet pea,
which always reminds me
of the song my dad would sing,
Oh, Sweet Pea, come on and dance with me . . .”
riding along with him in his truck--

after which he'd switch it off
to bellow into the CB,
breaker 1-9, this is Gladiator.”
No one's dad is as
cool and tough as a Gladiator, right?

you don't fool me, April.
I think you kind of like me.

P.S. I kind of like you, too.

© 2015 Jennifer Wagner

And, Happy National Poetry month!


  1. This is both a sweet and unexpected letter. Addressing a month is an interesting idea. I would probably have chosen another one but I like what you wrote about April.

  2. Ah, yes, the crack of the bat! It was Opening Day here yesterday...always exciting. April is a great month really in so many ways...except for April 15, of course, unless one is getting a tax refund. Smiles.

  3. I like your light tone in this - it absolutely carried the poem, makes us love it and enjoy it by every bit possible. Thank you for joining my prompt.

  4. clever topic... I think you hit the highlights of April

  5. Oh, I like this…a bit of reminiscing mixed with clever banter to the month of April. Well done!

  6. I really love what you did here! I was visualizing all of the April elements while reading. Very nice.

  7. I love this! April is full of promise, although she has a few unpleasant things in store for us like April 15 and the threat of yet another snowstorm. Still, we know she brings in May who has many wonderful things to offer.

  8. Jennifer, I love your letter! April and all her charms - I like her too!

  9. very sweet. I'm sure April appreciates you just as much. it definitely is nice to finally start to feel the breath of spring.

  10. You captured the delightful essence of April--full of surprises and the promise of risen life.

  11. Love it! Cool idea to write to April!!!!

  12. if I wasn't born in March, you'd have me convinced :)

  13. Oh what a lovely take on this prompt! :) April isn't all that bad...

  14. Wonderfully nostalgic and charming nod to April!

  15. I love this idea....the personification....writing to a month as though it's a person that you have a relationship with. Lovely. Completely delightful.

  16. I love this! I'm with you that April is a pretty good month with it's Good Friday and promises of hope in the Resurrection. And the beautiful flowers, even if there is a fair bit of rain. Peace, Linda

  17. Ah.. to find a holiday.. a feast in every now of day of month.. is too.. to know now.. in no knowing of anything but bliss..:)

    A Happy fool is an April that never cares.. a worry over loving life as is.. for NOW..:)

  18. Oh, I think this one's my favorite!! Great job, Jennifer--and I love your blog title, "poet laundry"--fabulous.

  19. Oh, this is delightful! When you started out I thought of T.S. Eliot too. I love that you hit all the highlights, from the weather to Easter to baseball to the lovely memories of your dad. This is my favorite today!

  20. Loved this Jennifer! I love the love you have for your life--and I love the sweet pea song--takes me back

  21. Wonderful! A bit whimsical, a bit tongue-in-cheek - and oh so exquisitely tender. A charming missive to a month which is known to be notoriously temperamental.


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