Friday, August 29, 2014

On Dead Dragonfly and Giant Mushroom Trail

It’s on our lips,
we’re whispering the change of time
while the ear tips of trees
are burning orange.

Seven and I
pick and eat blackberries,
just a few, though—
as the bulk have not yet turned
from green,
to red,
to purplish-black.

Not far away
charcoal is smoldering
and the scent of
grilling hot dogs
keeps summer alive—

we pause,
as much to watch
a rabbit watching us
and then bounce away,

as to hold on
to the end
and the beginning.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

“Seven” refers to my seven-year-old.  There is a trail near our house we often walk on where he found a beautiful dead dragonfly and where a giant mushroom grows sideways out of the trunk of a fallen tree, therefore, the title.  Happy changing of seasons!

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  1. You have drawn this transitional season's end/beginning beautifully, Jennifer, with lovely evocative images and sensory reminiscences that are written so well - you bring the physical world into the mind's realm and your readers are THERE, in that place.

  2. Thanks for making me smile.... ;) what a wonderful memory, great job bring it to life. I miss you and our "7"

  3. it seems to go so fast...and faster the older that we get....
    our grape arbor is passing more treats to picka nd eat off the vine...maybe we will have to grill out today and cling just a bit

  4. ah the changing of seasons...they never seem to last as long as we'd like...the blackberries and hot dogs sound quite tasty. a lovely little write; I enjoyed escaping into.

  5. I like the swift capture of the changing seasons ~ Autumn is upon us now and I am sad to leave summer scent of grilling meat ~ Good one Jennifer ~

  6. Ah yes, the changing of the seasons, the picking of raspberries, and the grilling. All such good memories. Sad for me to think about how quickly this summer is passing. Gotta get a few more grilling times in before winter. Smiles.

  7. see, the Trek nerd in me was thinking 7 of 9, but I was trying to envision you two on a picnic :) ~

    1. haha...funny M...that will have to wait for another poem ;)

  8. what a beautiful trail... when we're that little all seasons are fun! summer or winter does not matter ... there is always smoething new to see feel and learn!!

  9. The blackberries reminded me of late august with my aunt and cousins when I was a child. Lovely images to evoke the subtle changing of seasons, Jennifer.

  10. oh nice... love the whole atmosphere in this...the blackberries...the rabbit, dragonfly...all the things to discover... thanks for sharing your walk with us

  11. You painted a clear image of your time, the blackberries the time with your seven year old. Beautifully done Jennifer.

  12. I had just re-read Robert Hass' poem Meditations at Lagunitas - so your blackberries leapt from your poem as a companion to his - loved the intimate scene with seven and the quiet change of season - beautiful, Jennifer

  13. Yes, it's almost like you had written this to a prompt - that was not a prompt. This time of an end - and a beginning,,, :-) in so few words you capture that perfect feeling of transition

  14. life is full of amazement, especially to a seven year old - it's a gift they bring to us.

  15. I love this: "the ear tips of trees
    are burning orange"

  16. Oh ... Jennifer ... such a delight, this one ... loved the minute details you gave here ....

  17. one passes away to make room for beautifully captivated in your lines with wonderful images....

  18. Yes everything is in change and orange is happening fast. Harvest changes of berries and woods become silent.

  19. Jennifer, I so enjoy these glimpses you share in verse. Truly the words you choose leave me seeing clearly the beauty and charm of the life you live.

  20. Catches the certain fin-de-siecle of the season nicely; "the ear tips of trees/are burning orange" is just a wonderful phrase.

  21. Jennifer, you have really captured the nostalgia most feel as summer draws near to its end. I have always felt a bit sad this time of year and try to do whatever will make it linger a bit longer. Beautiful!

  22. Love the opening and … all of it! Such vivid details. Also, multilayered.

  23. absolutely perfect - just a heart grabbing poem for me.


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