Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Never Stop/Taking Me Home

On the train from Chicago
we are all colors, flavors—
caramel, dark, light.

A young couple, clad
all in red and white, waits near us;
soccer fans
heading back from
Liverpool FC v. Olympiacos.

I had noticed them earlier
on the way in—
laughing at photos on his phone,
their tan legs, intertwined.

And across from us now
an even younger couple,
dark chocolate skin, laughing, electric—
their delight in each other
making me feel like grinning silly,
floating too.

Young love
makes a strong point:  never stop flirting
with the one you want to keep.

She grabs his hand, massages,
notices a scar.
I catch a snippet of what
he says, there’s a story behind that.
Let me tell you

And I drift away
to the conductor nearing our seats,
hear you say, I lost our other ticket
blew onto the tracks

Don’t worry about it, he says—
waving your money away
with his face-consuming grin.

And we are on
to East Chicago,
where the roots of you grew—
leaning my head
on your shoulder
that for 16 years
I’ve trusted
to take me home.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

photo © 2014 Ian Wagner


  1. smiles...wonderful love poem...and yes, we should never stop flirting with the one that we love...love people watching too so...this is right up my alley...hope you enjoy many more of those anniversaries....

  2. oh! the things we take for granted. Thank-you for making my heart skip a beat;) You are a gorgeous couple.Wishing you many years of happiness and God-blessings.
    p.s.( I think writers love people watching ;)

  3. Very sweet and affirming of that commitment to each other ~ Enjoy your time together ~

  4. I "love the love" that is evident in this poem...it shines through in every word, and in that picture!

  5. Oh the little snippets one picks up people watching - they do put one's mind in writing mode - as do the long stories of our lives spent with the people we love.

  6. Beautiful. How you have intertwined love with joy and trust is beautiful. Highly visual.

    May you be together for the next 16 and then the next... Forever.

  7. beautiful...love the opening stanza...the way you capture the couples around you...and the home you feel in the love beside you...beautiful...

  8. I've never known anyone as honest, beautiful and faithful as you - I'm forever in awe that you chose me too.

  9. Love the way you live a moment through your poem .... A beautiful poem, indeed ....

  10. Amazing. I need to share this with my wife. It's sad how many people are under the impression that marriage or long-term relationships are doomed to become trite and boring. Dating one's spouse is the best thing ever!

    Well done, Jennifer.

  11. A love story so rooted in the little things that pass between couples--Jennifer you capture this so well--wishing you the best!

  12. What a beautiful love, and beautiful poem. :-)

  13. One of my favorites. I can't wait to catch up on your blog.

  14. This is so tender. And what great attention you've paid to the little details around you.

  15. Awe… I'm SURE people were noticing how in love you two were - perhaps not silly giddy (but I'm sure you once were) VERY sweet.


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