Thursday, June 5, 2014

a word is just a word is just a world

photo © 2014 Jennifer Wagner

who knows
what may come

what may grow
from an open palm,
a seed pearl

slipped from its shell
into dark fleshy loam

sweetness?  light?
drought?  blight?

who knows
what may come

from paper to lips

both dust
and sugar bowls

to the tip,
to the tip,

from word
to poem
the ink
is drunk
or sipped

and a new world jewel

and/or blue

it’s up to the reader

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

This is for dVersePoetics - Seeding, where Shanyn invited us to imagine our words as seeds. 

She makes the point that “Words have power, but like seeds, we don’t often get to see what goes on beneath the surface and can only observe what is growing after it comes out of the soil.”  I am too late for the link, but here is my offering.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! poem. Very imaginative and moving images for my brain to capture the visuals.

I like this poem very much and greatly written. :)

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

That's the truth of it I think! Liked this a bunch Jennifer!

Brian Miller said...

true that....once we write it, it is up to the reader in how they will interpret it...we let it go when we put the seed to the earth...and as much as we may want it to grow in one way, it may in another....

our prompts are similar so i tagged you into tonights...hosts perogative...smiles...

Scarlet said...

Who knows what will sprout and indeed its up to the reader to decide what to do ~ I love that new world jewel ~


Mary said...

So very true. It is the reader who, in the end, finds meaning in your words.

Jennifer Wagner said...

Thanks Brian--what a nice surprise! You are a most gracious host.

janetld said...

Wonderful! Yes, who knows?!

it’s up to the reader

janetld said...

Cool photo too!

Vandana Sharma said...

Very true unless we see the outcome we can't just assess the impact!

Anonymous said...

A word of encouragement just might change the world !

Anonymous said...

the ink /is drunk - love that image, Jen. ~

Susan said...

Ultimately, you nailed it, but I like to think we manipulate the reader a little. Here, for example, you lead with short lines and spacing, a long column of things going down--a pearl, a word, a meaning. You leave the reader holding the bag with wonder. Tricky indeed, and wonderful.

Aishwarya Magesh said...

Thats very sweet and lovely What come next is always a mystery.

Ron Shields said...

So true, I love the poem and the title is great...sometimes a poet has no idea what she/he has written until the reader tells us.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the way you wrote this. I too think that words can be used akin to seeds, they can sprout and grow into something beautiful if we receive them as such :)

Claudia said...

yes - it's always a bit up to the reader as well as we all read and understand in a different way - that is one of the things with words that makes it difficult on one hand when it comes to communication but magical when it comes to poetry

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do enjoy how these words slip down the page with their questions. And, of course, the answer depends on the reader.

brudberg said...

Indeed.. I feel exactly the same.. Sometimes the true meaning is created by the reader.. And sometimes the opposite I might have meant.. Which is why I love ambiguity..,

Gabriella said...

I agree that meaning starts with the poet but how the reader receives it is a true sign that they have succeeded.

Anonymous said...

We write a world as we seed it, carefully tilling that thought into a bloom. It is always interesting when you think you planted a Black-Eyed Susan, but up comes an American Beauty upon the light of another's reading.

Wendy Bourke said...

Love the cadence your choice of rhyme/near rhyme confers upon this piece, Jennifer. There is a profound message in this, at first blush, somewhat whimsical write. Very clever.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Enjoyable to read aloud

TCPC said...

i like the way you connected both the themes! more power to your words!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this, Jennifer. It's like little drops of magic dripping into my hands. :-)

Kathy Reed said...

We might have one meaning in mind and the reader might conclude another also; perhaps they miss the happens...I don't know that there is a remedy for that, if it did happen. ;)

Namrata said...

Mesmerising... Who knows what will come...but everything that comes from you is just spellbinding. :)

Wolfsrosebud said...

I liked how you questioned things here... one of the hazards of writing, we never know who's heart we touch but still continue to write

ayala said...

Love it and the pic from Chichuly :)

C.C. said...

The idea that it's up to the accurate. It always amazes me, when reading comments, how vastly different interpretations can be of the very same post. Adds to the creativity of the words...we plant them as we intend and then they take on a life of their own in how they are received and read. Great pacing in this post :-)

Mystic_Mom said...

Stunning. Just love this.

Magyar said...

Mind spills
Pen to paper
This writer's ink in sight
Drawing out these nomadic thoughts
A river

__Reading, that which someone else has written, so often inspires, as did this, this Cinquain. Nice Jen! _m