Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scrapbooks and Fireworks

Summer’s kisses past
are in my dresser—

caresses pressed
between pages
like petals.

A thousand moonlights
are in my closet,

and wished upon stars

s          p          r          i           n         k          l           e

s          p          a          r          k          l           e          s

in a box on the shelf.

But summer nights,
and moonlights,
and stars—
like night lilies,
like fireworks,

are best
in their living,

like you,

here & now, owning

with more than just a memory.

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner


  1. Such true words. While letters, photos, and snapshots are a great way to re-live memories, there's nothing like "living" them and experiencing them when they happen. All we have is the here and now...

  2. oh, some nice underlying heat in that last bit...the owning of more than memory....its good to keep those memories and keep sakes...nice play with sprinkles sparkles......

  3. Wow, love the word format, summer nights & fireworks, and that sizzling close ~ Beautiful work Jennifer ~


  4. your poems are always pretty to look at, to read, and to try and define.

  5. You have painted your special moments with a lovely palette of words – from the opaque pastel of pressed petals, sprinkle sparkles of nights remembered, and the beautiful lights of being in that bursting living moment with someone you love. Another lovely, romantic piece, Jennifer.

  6. I like this a lot. Memories are good but the present is even better, especially with one's true love. :)

  7. I think you quite like summer ~

  8. This was perfect. Yes, it's all fine to remember; it's even better to live it. Loved, Moskowitz


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