Monday, February 3, 2014

XII: The Beaufort Wind Force Scale

oh, you know it’s real.  my neighbor’s window. 
photo © 2014 Jennifer Wagner

Twelve basic hues
in the color wheel.

Twelve steps
in recovery.

Twelve inches
in a foot.

Twelve people
on the moon.

Twelve baskets
of fragments.

Twelve days
of Christmas.

Twelve tribes.
Twelve disciples.

Twelve months.
A dozen.

And it’s also

the maximum
wind speed
of a hurricane,


© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

Seahawks and the power of the 12th man win Super Bowl XLVIII!  Check it out:  12th Night: Number Featured in Win.


  1. love this
    there are more unusual connections than we can ever imagine!

  2. __And... the disciple's... "twelve stones."

    __Your verses so well aligned! _m

  3. Um...I have no idea, but I'm glad your team won!

  4. scoring in 12 seconds in both the first and second half of the game...
    oy...not much of a game...smiles...interesting the 12s in our life....

  5. I don’t think I’ll ever look at twelve, quite the same way again. It is a pretty iconic (if not, occasionally, mythic) number, when you think about it.

    And thank you again, Jennifer, for cueing me into Poetry Jam. After three long years of hanging in there with your lovely comments, you have (– be still my heart –) transitioned to the second row of my blog followers. (DRUM ROLL, PLEASE ! ! !) With that – and the Seahawks win – you may just want to dig out your red socks, and dance through Seattle tonight. Smiles.

    Thanks again for everything, Jennifer - and for your ongoing support of follow poets.

  6. Ah, how very clever! Thank you for the read!

  7. love the way you have brought out the magic of "12"

  8. hah! my long suffering Seattle fan friends finally have something to cheer about. and rightfully so, a defense for the ages. Niners would have won, too, and last year, would have beat them in the SB if they hadn't fumbled it away to the Ravens. (why yes, that's the sound of sour grapes) ~

  9. I wasn't allowed to watch the link in Canada but I could read it. WOW! Really something. We cheered for the Sea-hawks but I really did feel sorry that Denver lost quite as badly as they did.(we had many Denver fans at our party;) Oh well, that's sports! There's always next year. Maybe there's hope for the Toronto Maple Leafs yet! Hey, I know, now I'm getting carried away. Congrats to the Sea Hawks and their fans.

  10. Tightly structured and compelling to read, this one Jennifer. You make twelve an interesting number :)

  11. Hi you've likely heard this but just in case you have not here is a link to a poem i just came across:) thought you would enjoy it.

    1. Haha! He stole your idea! ;-) I'll have to let my kids read it, they'll love it.


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