Sunday, February 9, 2014

Haiku Chocolate

lunchtime, snow falls
as we leave the restaurant,
i put my arm through yours
and catch a flake on my tongue

the rich scent of smoking salmon
is carried on the cold, salt air,
as if it were on the ashes
of long-ago village fires
dotting the shore behind us

just a few blocks up from the landing,
and a stroll through the courtyard
past northwest carvings of
lighthouses, natives—
to the red cup cafĂ© and the perfect cup—
and on to mukilteo chocolate co. for dessert

you pull the door open, and i say
“what do you think i should i get?”
you smile—suggestive,
“you can get whatever you want”

over the counter the owner
overhears, teases— “that’s dangerous
to tell a woman in a chocolate shop”

a seated man hears, too “or smart”
he’s right, we all laugh—together,
strangers in a shared moment

“well, i have to get the haiku
dark chocolate, ginger,
hint of wasabi, candied ginger on top—
“i just made triple wasabi,
it’s in the back, i can get you some
“no thanks, i’ll go easy and try this first”

we select some amazing flavors,
sip coffee, look out at the view of the sound,
savoring them, and each other
and all the little things that become
the best kind of poetry

© 2014 Jennifer Wagner

Claudia at dVerse has us writing sketchbook poetry.  As she puts it, “poetry that captures a scene — poetry that is immediate and in the moment.”  With my husband’s schedule and the kids off at school we get to take dates midweek, midday sometimes.  It snowed briefly as we left one of our favorite places on Tuesday and it seemed the perfect moment to capture on paper.  And yes, Haiku Chocolate Truffle is delicious!


Janet Martin said...

this is the best kind of poetry, Jen, you draw the reader right into the happy sounds and smells. I love this! nice love poem too!

Anonymous said...

thanks for carrying us along in those marvelous moments - and chocolate makes everything better!

brudberg said...

Oh that chocolate sounds divine ,, and a letting anyone having as much dark chocolate as they want is dangerous....

Claudia said...

oh that is wonderful... i love chocolate and luckily there's no such chocolate shop close to where i live...ha... that would be the shared moments with the other guests in the shop as well... the convo snippets...the togetherness with hubs... sweet in every way

Brian Miller said...

wow that sounds like a delicious the wasabi with it makes for a very interesting flavor....sounds like a fun day/date out and about...your server at the shop sounds cool as well...

Mary said...

I love this very real capture of took the reader right there with you. I can almost smell the coffee! Smiles.

Loredana Donovan said...

This is delightful, Jennifer! I love the way your husband flirts with you and the special moment you shared. Now I've got to try haiku chocolate. Smiles :)

janetld said...

Such a rich, delicious poem!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon shared with your husband!

Grace said...

This made me very hungry ~ Lovely time shared with a loved one is a treat ~ Title rocks too ~

Lisa A. Williams said...

What a beautiful day this must have been. Lovely Jennifer.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

What delightful experience! And delightfully told.

ayala said...

You are right ....all the little things that become
the best kind of poetry. Love this :)

Anonymous said...

scrumptious, visual, perfect ~

Vandana Sharma said...

wow! I could smell the coffee:)

C.George said...


love it

Wendy Bourke said...

I love this little poetic sketch, Jennifer. I can imagine myself sitting in that cafe, overhearing the shared jokes and light laughter. The warmth between the couple (well, you and your hubby) and the conviviality between strangers pinned against the sound is just lovely. Beautifully written!

HisFireFly said...

this is brilliant
edible poetry
satisfying indeed

colleen said...

Looking at the title and the poem, I was thinking how haiku is so good it shouldn't be restricted to a few lines, like chocolate shouldn't be restricted to a few bites.

Did it melt in your mouth like the snow?