Monday, July 3, 2023


Photo © 2023 Jennifer Wagner



















Rescued from the pool filter,

Balboa had a scratch

on the house on his back.


We set him in the garden

between two rosemary shrubs

(Romero in Spanish, like my son’s name,


who said, keep him, Mom,

and let him be a burden to your

children’s children).


While we searched for what to do,

I thought we’d lost him

to heat, to bird—but there,

stamping the grass,


the champ!

A late-round come back!

And between my index and thumb


we rushed him

to the pond.

Two large turtles


rose to the surface

poking their heads out.

I said, we rescued your baby!


And hoped


will do the same.



© 2023 Jennifer Wagner



  1. So beautiful! I often pray for my children and that God would bring people in to their lives to 'rescue' them from whatever the danger may be...<3

  2. Beautifully dramatized moments these.... all the characters come alive in this little prayer! Loved it.

  3. Wonderful poem. Not gonna lie, I might have teared up a tiny bit. You are forever the champion of the underdog and most amazing Mother I know.


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