Friday, March 24, 2017

Synthpop at the Moon Tree

From the window of the Moon Tree,
the marina is desolate—
a glum fairy tale with a solitary gull
poised to flee.

A police boat and whale watching
tour arrives, more guests
than would be expected today.

We sample tapas,
eavesdrop on a first date.

He’s an author,
questions spirituality,
says if it’s real, then it must be
the same for everyone.

She doesn’t say much,
laughs politely here and there.

You start mouthing to the sounds
of a synthpop tune, and it’s too funny.
I laugh for several uncontrollable minutes.

Later, I tell you
the whale cruise
offered me a job once.

You ask why I turned it down,
and say we should
pretend like it’s our first date
the next time we go out, just for fun.

Except, of course, the polite laughing.

© 2017 Jennifer Wagner


Tank said...

Truly a glum fairy tale outside these days! Are you free next Friday? I happen to know a nice place...

Jody Lee Collins said...

oh the last line made ME laugh...

Anonymous said...

Well composed. The last line caught me completely off guard.

brudberg said...

Ha.. I think the polite laughing will be impossible to pretend... I guess the author will have problem with a second date.

Wendy Bourke said...

Brilliantly sketched! The close on this is pure mirth ... the perceptive quip and its placement. You know what they say about humor: it's all in the timing. And you nailed it!

Grace said...

Sounds like you both made the best fun out of a glummy place ~ At another date and season, perhaps it would looking better ~

Justin Lamb said...

I like this. It's always good to go on "first dates" with one's spouse.

Magyar said...

__ We see and hear and think... then create value.

inner smile
the surge felt in my eyelids
further steps


janetld said...

What a treat! A deliciously enjoyable read.

grapeling said...

chuckling. lucky man, your date, the chance to make you laugh :) ~

ND Mitchell said...

Hi Jennifer. I could really picture all of this happening. You painted the setting and characters so clearly. I enjoyed being allowed to be part of the hidden audience on that first date. Happy Easter, David.